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Power Kit | Strobe Head | View Camera

Strobe Head Cases

Designed to protect some of a photographers most fragile gear. These rigid cases provide much needed protection and shock absorption. All with out back breaking weight of a plastic trunk

Power Kit Cases

Built with an internal, super lightweight structure of GE Lexan. They are then covered with shock absorbent closed cell foam with padded hook and loop compatible tricot. This is all encapsulated in our standard shell of puncture and abrasion resistant ballistics fabric.

Digital Power Cases

Made with lightware’s Power Kit contruction. These cases are designed to be much deeper to accomodate larger, bulkier technology. These are the perfect case for taking your video editing setup on the road as well as transporting your high end gaming PC to a LAN party.

View Camera Cases

This case is the exact same as the DG cases but with purpose made dividers to carry and protect a variety of view camera models. Plus there is plenty of extra room for lenses, film holders, and accessories