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Cargos | Stands | Sacks


Lightware’s Cargo Cases are the ideal way to carry your longer equipment while giving it a bit of cushion. Whether it’s piling them up in your storage area or throwing into the back of a car to take on location the Cargo will keep everything tidy, protected and professional in appearance.

Flip Lid Cargos

These handy Cargos were created for those who want to carry only a few stands. It’s made like the rest of our Lightware Cargo Cases. The only difference being the size and the flip lid opening. When unzipped, this unique flip lid will stay open so you can easily load and unload your gear without the lid getting in the way.

Rolling Stand Bags

One of Lightware best sellers is our Rolling Stand bags. It’s the perfect “must have” case to accompany your camera case on any location shoot. They can handle everything from C-Stands to Umbrellas.

Stand Sacks

Made with tough ballistic fabric, these bags have the same quality construction that goes into every Lightware Case. Each stand bag has a structural end panel to prevent stand or tripod legs from puncturing through the fabric.

Stand Socks

A soft protective sleeve for covering a stand, umbrella or soft box. They are made from a soft padded gray material to keep your stands from getting dinged or scratched.

Tripod Bags

Simple and easy solutions to transport a large tripod or a tripod and a few stands.

Rolling Cargo Cases

These cases are constructed to hold a lot of weight and survive countless trips in the baggage hold of airlines.