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Uni-Kit Case

MSRP $220.95

Product # Z5200


This lightweight, weather resistant, top-loader is easily packable and can put away a strobe pack plus two heads, cables, speed rings, reflectors and small stands. Perfect for three monoblocks, LEDs, or small Arri lights. Distinctive in that it comes with two removable dividers to separate packs and heads, as well as a top shelf divider to stow short umbrellas and nano stands on. An excellent choice if you have the mindset of one case for a compact lighting system that you can grab and go. If you need a little more space check out the Deluxe Kit Case. It is very similar but it has five compartments.

Made with half inch closed cell foam sandwiched between highly durable, padded nylon ballistics and an inner lining of gray polyester. Lightweight, weather resistant yet thinks nothing of rough treatment Not designed for airline checking but durable enough to survive backwoods roads and rugged adventures

Exterior Length22.5 ''56.25 cm
Exterior Width9.0 ''22.5 cm
Exterior Height13.0 ''32.5 cm
Interior Length21.0 ''52.5 cm
Interior Width
7.0 ''17.5 cm
Interior Height12.0 ''30.0 cm
Weight4.0 lbs1.814 kg