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Mid Size SoftSide

MSRP $170.95

Product # Z5020


Made for the photographer who doesn’t need the protection of Lightware standard cases. Not intended to be checked as baggage with delicate equipment but everything else is a go. Unique design allows you to unzip the case to lie completely flat so that you can use it as a clean work surface or as a pad to kneel on. Compact enough so that when not in use it will hang up in a closet or fold up small enough to stack on a shelf. Fits all sorts of gear from lighting to grip heads and clips. Pack a bunch of Lowell Lights, White Lightnings or two Profoto Monoblocs. The two sizes enable you to go with the one that fits your particular needs. We use the Z5010 around here to hold all of our scrim corners and elbows from Matthews. We have enough corners and supports to make two 12’x12’ silks packed in this boy.


Exterior Length18.0 ''45.0 cm
Exterior Width8.0 ''20.0 cm
Exterior Height11.5 ''28.75 cm
Interior Length17.0 ''42.5 cm
Interior Width
7.0 ''17.5 cm
Interior Height10.5 ''26.25 cm
Weight2.5 lbs1.134 kg