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View Camera Case

MSRP $456.95

Product # V4000


Ideal for the old Sinar F, F1 and F2 view cameras. Built with a rigid lightweight interior core of lexan which is then covered with shock absorbent foam and padded velcro compatible tricot. All encapsulated in an exterior shell of puncture and abrasion resistant nylon ballistics. Comes with moveable dividers for greater versatility to accommodate a variety of packing needs. Dividers are notched for the camera rail.

It will also accommodate an abundance of film, film holders or Polaroid and accessories.You can also pack a compartment with a head pouch containing two or three additional lenses. Since the case dimensions are identical to the strobe head case, you can pack your strobe heads in here as well.

Exterior Length24.0 ''60.0 cm
Exterior Width11.5 ''28.75 cm
Exterior Height18.0 ''45.0 cm
Interior Length21.5 ''53.75 cm
Interior Width
8.5 ''21.25 cm
Interior Height15.0 ''37.5 cm
Weight9.25 lbs4.196 kg