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Small Ugly Cover

MSRP $79.95

Product # UG105


Designed for extra protection of your cases. If you are using the “aluminum” style case with the pick and pluck foam, use the Ugly Cover to keep it looking as new. This is designed to fit the Halliburton 105 case. Still available on Ebay. The fabric cover won’t help with the dents, but the scuffs and scraps won’t show. The covers are intended for you to mark them up and “personalize” them to your taste. Stencil and Spray Paint work wonders. “Camo” paint can really add a special…personal touch.

If you are on an adventure you can number each one so you know quickly what’s here and what’s missing..

Exterior Length21.0 ''52.5 cm
Exterior Width6.5 ''16.25 cm
Exterior Height13.0 ''32.5 cm
Interior Length20.5 ''51.25 cm
Interior Width
6.0 ''15.0 cm
Interior Height12.5 ''31.25 cm
Weight1.25 lbs.567 kg