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Four Head Strobe Case

MSRP $545.95

Product # T4444


The T4444 is identical in size to the T3040, the only difference is the case is one compartment longer. The T4444 comes with three dividers so you can adjust to fit all the strobes and heads you can possibly carry.

The T4444 works for 4 larger flash heads such as Elinchroms, Profotos or Broncolors. Even a Hasselblad projector and accessories will fit. Remember those?

A variety of the Calumet Travelite systems, or 4-5 White Lightnings, four Dyna-Lite 1600 packs and 4 heads plus accessories.

If you are using any of the new monoblocks, you can spend some time configuring a complete location kit with stands, boxes, umbrellas and even a small background. It won’t be light, but it will all be in one place.

Exterior Length31.0 ''77.5 cm
Exterior Width11.0 ''27.5 cm
Exterior Height18.0 ''45.0 cm
Interior Length28.0 ''70.0 cm
Interior Width
8.5 ''21.25 cm
Interior Height15.0 ''37.5 cm
Weight11.25 lbs5.103 kg