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Rolling Retro Cover

MSRP $435.95

Product # RRC1629


If you already own an MF1629 you can convert your old case into the rolling RMF1629 version with this Rolling Retro Cover RRC1629.

This set of dual wheels takes the back breaking labor out of carrying these large cases around wherever you go. It also has a set of quick release buckles to rapidly close the case while shooting on the fly. You can nest a MF1217 inside or even a MF2012 when you have to ship or store your camera equipment and need to conserve some space. Think of it as double protection. A great case for flash, LED, HMI, Tungsten and Fluorescent. Nothing better for heavy duty road work.

Note: This is not a complete case. It does not come with dividers, lid insert, or the Muti Format case’s “Tote” that give it the strength and structure. Please feel free to contact Lightware with any questions.

Exterior Length33.0 ''82.5 cm
Exterior Width17.5 ''43.75 cm
Exterior Height12.5 ''31.25 cm
Interior Length31.5 ''80.01 cm
Interior Width
15.0 ''38.1 cm
Interior Height11.25 ''28.575 cm
Weight8.5 lbs3.856 kg