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Multi Format 2316

MSRP $556.95

Product # MF2316


This product has been design with Lightware's new ShokBox technology. It offers a greater shock absorption as well as a lighter overall weight.


An airline checking standard. Great for lights, small stands, soft boxes and accessories. A complete location lighting kit can be assembled in this case. Let your imagination be the guide. Great for Elinchrom, Dynalite, Profoto, Arri, and a host of others. Makes no difference if you are using strobes, tungsten or HMI. It can handle them all with ease. The customizable divider system allows you to mix and match fixture sizes to suit your style. Carry a set of head extensions, grids, barndoors and gels, umbrellas or small reflectors in style.

The 2316 is now sporting our new ShokBox construction. This unique material is replacing our former material, Royalux, as it is no longer being made. We searched long and hard to find a suitable replacement. Many new materials were tried and this is the only one that passed the “drop it off the roof” test. In many ways it goes back to our very early cases in the eighties when we were travelling with Norman 200B’s.

Exterior Length26.0 ''66.0 cm
Exterior Width19.25 ''48.9 cm
Exterior Height11.0 ''27.9 cm
Interior Length22.5 ''57.2 cm
Interior Width
15.5 ''38.1 cm
Interior Height8 ''20.3 cm
Weight11.0 lbs4.989 kg