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Multi Format 2014

MSRP $456.95

Product # MF2014


This product has been design with Lightware's new ShokBox technology. It offers a greater shock absorption as well as a lighter overall weight.


The Multi Format 2014 replaces the MF1420 and is the first case made with our new ShokBox construction. Essentially, it is made of structural foam and two types of padded fabric. So it is a veritable shock absorber, yet so strong you can stand on it or check it as baggage.

The case is ideal to carry a complete DSLR system along with speedlights and accessories, or a digital medium format system or even a 4×5 field camera with lenses, film holders, meter and a darkcloth. Aside from camera systems, this would be the best for checking a small lighting system sized like the Profoto B2, Dynalite MK8, Elinchrom Quadra or Comet CBW. Perfect for two to three larger monolights like the Profoto B1, Elinchrom or Paul C. Buff. There are just a lot of possibilities.

The customizable divider system that comes with the case, enables you to divide up your case to fit the likes of what you want to put in it. With this case, we have also revamped the divider attachment system. Dividers now attach to the inside of the case and to each other by means of our new StickyPins. These are simply pins with hook on the heads that fit into the ends of the dividers that, when positioned, fasten to the side walls or to each other. Simple and easy. Better yet, they can be purchased separately to retrofit any MultiFormat case dividers we have ever made.

If you are a wizard at packing, you could shorten the height of your dividers to just above your lenses, bodies, accessories that are laying flat and make a shelf above these items to place your computer.

The exterior has a zippered front pocket for easy access to paperwork, color card, ipad etc. that you want to keep secured. On the backside is a sleeve pocket for sliding over a roller case handle. It is secured in place using hook and loop so it stays slim until you need to put it on a roller. The case has four shoulder strap attachments for a cross body style carry.

There are two peachy keen zippered stash pockets on the inside lid. Great for instruction manuals, extra flash media wallets, a card reader, and a tethering cable or two.

Exterior Length23.0 ''57.5 cm
Exterior Width17.0 ''42.5 cm
Exterior Height9.5 ''23.75 cm
Interior Length19.5 ''48.75 cm
Interior Width
13.5 ''33.75 cm
Interior Height6.0 ''15.0 cm
Weight8.6 lbs3.901 kg
  • ShokBox Construction
  • Customizeable Dividers
  • Airline Checkable
  • Inside Net Pockets on Lid
  • Front Modular Pocket
  • Water Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Padded Nylon Ballistics Exterior
  • ½” Padded Hook Compatible Brushed Tricot Interior