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Multi Format 1015

MSRP $378.95

Product # MF1015


This adaptable case is designed for a complete mirrorless system, GoPro outfit. This would make a great audio location kit as well. This will carry everything and then some. You could also place a camcorder with all the accessories. Back in the days of film you could pack a collapsable field view camera, some holders, two lenses and you were ready to go. Perfect for the projects where less is more. The new smaller computers will fit perfectly. You could assemble a basic portrait kit with this case and have everything in a small easy package. Of course the light stands wont fit in here but those were checked as baggage anyway.

The smallest we make for carry on. The carry on restrictions are getting tighter every day, sometimes less is more.


Exterior Length17.0 ''42.5 cm
Exterior Width12.0 ''30.0 cm
Exterior Height10.0 ''25.0 cm
Interior Length15.0 ''37.5 cm
Interior Width
10.0 ''25.0 cm
Interior Height8.0 ''20.0 cm
Weight4.5 lbs2.041 kg