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Large Head Pouch

MSRP $116.95

Product # H7020


Ideal for carrying larger flash heads such as Profoto, Broncolor, or Elinchrom. Can fit two small battery driven flash heads depending on the manufacturer.

The large can handle a Dynalite 800, head and cable, or a 300 F/2.8 lens. Both of these pouches are great organizers for equipment. Used for gear that needs a little extra padding before checking on the plane or pitching into the back of the trunk.

They fit many of our other products so they are not just for use in the cargo cases but any of out other products as well. Some classics just don’t go out of style.

Exterior Length14.0 ''35.0 cm
Exterior Width8.0 ''20.0 cm
Exterior Height8.0 ''20.0 cm
Interior Length12.5 ''31.25 cm
Interior Width
7.0 ''17.5 cm
Interior Height7.0 ''17.5 cm
Weight1.5 lbs.68 kg