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Small Head Pouch

MSRP $99.95

Product # H7010


Originally designed to be used inside the Cargo Cases, these have blossomed into a multi use product. They hold a huge variety of different needs around the studio or on location.

Arri heads, Lowell heads, lenses, A clamps, speed rings, Dynalite pack and head, Dedolights, Lumedyne set up, Profoto B1 and anything else your imagination can come up with. Two sizes allow you to customize as you need. Around here, we use a stencil kit and a silver sharpie to stencil on the outside the contents of the pouch. Keeps things together and organized.

The head Pouches are made from 1/2″ Duralight closed cell foam providing great protection.

Exterior Length10.0 ''25.0 cm
Exterior Width6.0 ''15.0 cm
Exterior Height6.0 ''15.0 cm
Interior Length9.0 ''22.5 cm
Interior Width
5.0 ''12.5 cm
Interior Height5.0 ''12.5 cm
Weight12 oz.34 kg