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Camera Body Pouch

MSRP $53.95

Product # GS1000


A great place to store that extra body or your monitor color calibrating gear. It works well in any of the Multi-Format cases for storage without the use of the dividers. It also has two “D” rings for attaching a shoulder strap and our standard belt/hook/loop attachment. The handle on top adds to the ease of use if you want to hang it from a “C” stand or on some peg board in the studio.


Add a shoulder strap and you could make this your walkabout camera bag for a small mirrorless camera out scouting or on vacation.


Exterior Length6.5 ''16.25 cm
Exterior Width3.0 ''7.5 cm
Exterior Height6.8 ''16.88 cm
Interior Length6.5 ''16.25 cm
Interior Width3.0 ''7.5 cm
Interior Height6.8 ''16.88 cm
Weight11.2 oz317.5 g