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Tripod Sling

MSRP $89.95

Product # C6099


With this hefty padded ballistics bag, a tripod can be strapped to most backpacks in a comfortable vertical position or it can used on its own. This handy bag will accommodate a collapsed tripod up to 40″ in length. It has shoulder strap attachments, so it’s a great way to carry that single tripod without having to take a “larger” heavier case.

Exterior Length40.0 ''100.0 cm
Exterior Width11.0 ''27.5 cm
Exterior Height11.0 ''27.5 cm
Interior Length39.5 ''98.75 cm
Interior Width
10.5 ''26.25 cm
Interior Height10.5 ''26.25 cm
Weight1.0 lbs.454 kg