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Flip Lid 62

MSRP $342.95

Product # C6062


The Flip Lids are built tough just like our cargo cases but with a few differences. The top or “the lid” folds back instead of opening down the middle like our cargo cases. These cases are 8 inches square on the inside and have two tie downs for securing gear. These are perfect for a slider, support stands, octaboxes and big umbrellas.

You can’t pack them as heavy so they are a little easier to travel and maneuver. For a simple location kit you can use a flip lid for the background stands along with the backdrop. You still have enough room for a soft box or umbrella. Don’t forget your tripod and you now have a pretty sweet location kit.

The 52” is a good choice for the bigger “umbrellas” that have become the choice of some photographers. The 62” gives you plenty of room for even the largest.

Exterior Length63.0 ''157.5 cm
Exterior Width9.0 ''22.5 cm
Exterior Height8.5 ''21.25 cm
Interior Length62.0 ''155.0 cm
Interior Width
8.0 ''20.0 cm
Interior Height7.5 ''18.75 cm
Weight5.75 lbs2.608 kg