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Cargo 32

MSRP $225.95

Product # C6032


Lightware Cargo Cases are extra lightweight, super strong cases that are made with a padded nylon ballistics exterior with a durable gray cordura-like fabric interior plus a 1/2″ Duralight closed cell foam core sandwiched between the two. The interior is just one open compartment designed to carry more durable equipment such as stands, tripods, booms, umbrellas and power cables. Throw in soft boxes, head cables, clips, tape, tools, grids, barn doors, filters, reflectors, muslins and you’ve got half your studio ready for a shoot. Flash heads, mono blocks, or small power supplies can be safely protected in cargos provided that they have first been packed inside a Lightware Head Pouch. Head Pouches and Cargos are designed to work together to give that extra bit of protection. This size flies great with the airlines.

Exterior Length32.0 ''80.0 cm
Exterior Width12.0 ''30.0 cm
Exterior Height12.0 ''30.0 cm
Interior Length31.5 ''78.75 cm
Interior Width
11.0 ''27.5 cm
Interior Height11.0 ''27.5 cm
Weight4.5 lbs2.041 kg