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Multi Format 1629

MSRP $599.95

Product # MF1629


Our largest airline checking standard. A complete location lighting kit can be assembled in this case. Let your imagination be the guide. Makes no difference if you are using strobes, tungsten, LED or HMI. It can handle them all with ease.

The customizable divider system allows you to mix and match light sizes to suit your style. Carry head extensions, stingers, grids, barn doors, gels, and boxes with ease. It could easily become the one case you can’t do without. This case can handle a MF1217 inside or even a MF2012 when you have to ship extra, extra delicate equipment. Think of it as double protection. Nothing better for heavy duty road work in the back of that rental.


Exterior Length31.0 ''77.5 cm
Exterior Width17.5 ''43.75 cm
Exterior Height12.0 ''30.0 cm
Interior Length29.0 ''72.5 cm
Interior Width
15.5 ''38.75 cm
Interior Height10.0 ''25.0 cm
Weight13.25 lbs6.01 kg